Wendy was 3 years old when she first started applying primer. By the age of 7 she could apply it accurately, and at 10 she was doing faux finishes. Having a single mom who was putting herself through college, Wendy was forced to attend a lot of classes with her. She sat through lectures, went on field trips to museums, and absorbed a lot of vital education that turned her into an advanced artist at a young age. Growing up in a household that revolved around her mother's hard work and creativity definitely had an influence on her, but she has developed her own unique style along the way. She has her own artistic input and voice, and is the eye behind the jewelry. Although Sabrina still works with her injury, she has a more difficult time, so Wendy is now her hand for details. They have been a mother/daughter team in the making for her entire life, and no 2 artists have ever been more in sync. 

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Meet Wendy-

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Art in Half Moon Bay

Studio Pontouf is a collaborative mother-daughter creative team, adding color and life to the homes and businesses of the California Coast and beyond. From personalized murals to faux finishes, and custom artwork to jewelry, Sabrina and Wendy bring fun, feeling, and personality to each of their creations. 

​​​Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Sabrina has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Art was always her passion, but she married at 18, had her first daughter at 21, and focused on her family for more than a decade. Her two little girls were known for wearing custom painted shirts and jackets, and party favors would often include homemade coloring books. Although she was primarily a stay-at-home mom, she was occasionally hired to customize walls for friends, families, and local businesses. After a difficult separation in 2002, she became the sole provider for her 2 young girls. While working full-time, she still managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude with her AA in Liberal Arts in 2008. Afterwards, with the help of art scholarships, she began the Animation and Illustration program at SJSU. After a tragic accident left her dominant hand unable to keep up with the demands of the program, she was forced to drop out in 2010. During her studies, she had been practicing plein air painting in Half Moon Bay and had fallen in love with the coast, colors, and community. She did her first post-injury project there in the summer of 2010, at the former Huck Finn Center. The following year she decided to make the move to Half Moon Bay, where she has been working with and on local projects ever since.